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Table tennis betting is an attractive sports betting game that is not inferior to other sports. Each game will have its own characteristics, so when playing table tennis, players are required to pay close attention. But is the way to bet on table tennis simple? In the article shared below, JiLiAsia introduces everyone in detail how to play.

What is table tennis betting?

It can be simply understood that participating in table tennis betting is similar to other ways of betting on sports. That is, you will use money to bet on a table tennis match or tournament about this subject that everyone follows and loves. Currently, the house always updates all the latest information for table tennis.

Whether it’s a small match or a big tournament in the international arena,. So everyone can easily find the table tennis information they need when they want to bet. To help players easily search for upcoming matches, or competition history.

The bookmaker will make a list of competing teams according to a reasonable rule that is easy to find and control. At the same time, in determining the winning or losing results of table tennis bets, the bookmaker will rely on the final results announced by the match organization. Also based on this result, the house will pay betting bonuses to those who predict correctly.

Discover the rules of table tennis betting

Next is to discover the rules of table tennis, especially in betting for new players. If you want to have a completely trouble-free betting game, then learn in detail the rules of table tennis betting as follows:

If you want to bet on a table tennis match, you will have about 90 seconds to make a betting decision. Before the table tennis match begins, the house sets this time. If it exceeds the specified time, the house will block the bet.

In case the table tennis match was scheduled in advance, but did not take place,. The house will completely reverse your bets and refund them to everyone’s accounts.

Next, there is a situation where the bet will be refunded when the match is without one of the two players when the match takes place.

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Each match will have its own round, if that round is played within the specified time period. Then, if anyone wins, the house will calculate everyone’s betting results and pay them out in accordance with the rules.

Popular forms of table tennis betting

Similar to betting on volleyball or basketball, etc., betting on table tennis also has some familiar betting forms. Based on the nature of the match and related factors, everyone will choose the appropriate betting method. The following are the specifics of each well-liked type of table tennis wager that many people choose:

Full match handicap betting in table tennis betting

The first is handicap betting, this form is quite familiar to sports fans, especially soccer. The nature of this form is similar to a handicap, in that the player will rely on the difference in the playing ability of the two players.

From there, research which side will win, and you will give the predicted match score at the end. Then place a handicap bet based on the information the player has judged.

Form of betting on the winning table tennis team

Betting on over/under in table tennis

In table tennis betting, we still have the form of over/under betting, the calculation and prediction method is completely similar to over/under betting in soccer. Depending on the final score at the end of the game, the house will either win or lose the over/under result. The player’s task is to analyze before the match to get the most accurate betting prediction.

Odd even bet method

Finally, the odd-even bet is only available in table tennis. In football, you will not encounter this type of bet. The way to play even and odd is so simple that anyone can join right away without having to study the principles too much. That is, you will need to predict the result after the table tennis match ends, whether the team you choose will score an even or odd number.

Table tennis betting is a type of betting that is not too new in sports, but some players still do not know. Hopefully the above information will help you get useful information when planning to participate in table tennis betting.

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